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SureLightâ„¢ 488


SureLight™ 488 - A Cost Effective Generic Alternative to Alexa Fluor® 488


Surelight 488 is a bright green fluorescent dye with excitation suited to the 488nm laser line, fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry. It offers a much more stable signal generation in imaging and flow cytometry than FITC and is half the cost of Alexa Fluor 488.

The Advantages of SureLight 488:

• 3x brighter than FITC
• 5 to 10x more photostable than FITC
• 50% less antibody needed than FITC
• Ready-to-Use NHS Ester
• Generic Equivalent to Alexa Fluor 488
• More Cost Effective than Alexa Fluor 488
• No Royalties or Licensing Fees


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Goat anti-Human IgG Signal Comparison between SureLight 488, Alexa Fluor 488 and FITC


SureLight 488 allows you to use up to 50% less antibody compared to FITC which will result in significant cost savings. SureLight 488 will also allow you to put more fluorophores onto an antibody resulting in limited to no self-quenching.