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Applications for SureLight® P3

This proprietary dye can be used in prompt fluorescent detection, microplate applications, flow cytometry and protein microarrays.  Because its absorption and emission profile is similar to Cy5, it can be used in many of the same applications, however, it is 200 times brighter.

Structural Characteristics

SureLight® P3 has a linear structure that, on its largest diagonal is about 80 nm long. It is comprised of C-PC and APC.



Spectral Characteristics

Absorption maximum 614 nm
Emission maximum 662 nm
Stokes Shift 48 nm
Extinction Coefficient 9.64 x 107 M-1cm-1



A650/A280 > 1.2
A620/A650 between 1.7 and 2.1
F612/F650 > 1.2