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Mouse anti-6His IgG: SureLight® APC, 1mg


Product Description

Mouse anti-6His (6x Histidine) IgG  (Clone AD1.1.10) conjugated to SureLight® APC, 1 mg


Item# D3-1711-1MG
1 mg
Mouse monoclonal anti-6xHistidine IgG, clone AD1.1.10
SureLight® Allophycocyanin
Excitation max.λ
Emission max.λ
Optimized for High throughput screening (HTS) and fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) assays, flow cytometry
Form and Storage
Lyophilized, Store at 4° C.
Upon reconstitution, product should be stored at 4° C and used within 8 months.
Technical Info

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