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Cyclic AMP Assay Kit

Columbia Biosciences introduces its newly launched cAMP Assay Kit. This kit is easy-to-use and ideal for measurement of intracellular cAMP and for small molecule drug screening.


Advantages of Using Columbia Biosciences’ cAMP Kit:


  • Cost effective - half the price of similar products
  • Mix and read, no wash steps
  • No compound interference due to use of TR-FRET; Ideal for HTS
  • Flexible number of wells - from 96 to 1,536 wells
  • More robust readouts compared to similar products
  • Can be read by many types of equipment
  • Easier to discriminate between samples with large variability

Item Numbers: 

  • AD-cAMP-1K  - 1,000 test kits* 
  • AD-cAMP-20k - 20,000 test kits* 
  • AD-cAMP-100k - 100,000 test kits*

* in a 384 well format

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